Ports 1961

Ports 1961 Soul sculpture

€ 154,92

€ 221,31


Ports 1961 miniaturized limited edition version of the Soul sculpture that was presented at the FW15 collection launch event held in Hong Kong in 2015. Made in China

Item code: ATY01M

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Ports 1961

Ports 1961

Ports was founded in 1961, by Luke Tanabe, a Canadian entrepreneur. The company began as a business that imported silk from Japan, but gradually evolved to become an upscale women’s clothier with a reputation of making well-crafted garment. The mid 1980s brought new leadership to Ports and also a new design vision. It was during this period that Ports began to rebrand itself from a classically inspired town and country clothier to a contemporary designer label. Most notably was the appointment of Dean and Dan Caten, as head co-designers, where the designing duo honed their craft and introduced a new look of youthful exuberance into the Ports brand. The new decade of the 2010s saw further changes once again, as Ports 1961 followed its itinerant spirit - this time focusing attention towards Europe. In 2011, Ports 1961 relocated its design office to Milan, Italy. In 2013, Ports 1961 opened its flagship store in Paris’ famed rue Saint Honoré, in addition to stores and retail outlets in the UK, continental Europe, and the Middle East.

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