Christian Dior


Dior was born from a big bang, on 12 February 1947. That day Christian Dior presented his first Haute Couture collection at his young Fashion House. For women of the post-war era, weary from years of rationing and restriction, he opened the door to a wonderful world of re-conquered femininity. The New Look was a revolution. Overnight, Dior became famous around the world. The Dior name became synonymous with magic: stunning dresses, enchantment, instinctive creativity, delightful audacity, a sense of elegance, the genius of expertise... Haute Couture, Ready-to-Wear, accessories, fragrances, cosmetics, jewellery, watchmaking, men's fashion: whatever the realm of creation, Dior's dream continues to blossom somewhere between legacy and modernity. A 21st century story. Christain Dior said: Women don't wear what they love, they love what they wear. Christian Dior is available in our shop only. Contact us at to purchase it.